Our Tech Makes Your Data Actionable And Is Easy To Set Up

Our data integrates with your existing software - absolutely no hassle of switching to a new platforms
Database Enrichment

Enrich your customer database. Automate Around It.

  • Our API that will send predictive data to your database or CRM. We integrate with any customer databases, CRMs and marketing automation software.
  • We can send predictions on daily, hourly or even minute basis - Allowing us to keep up with your automation tools and strategy
  • Use enriched database to build more automations and more granular workflows
AI Engines

We develop AI engines that are highly customized to your business

  • We use advanced custom machine learning algorithms and most advanced tech like PySprak,¬†Tensorflow, EMR, and more.
  • The AI infrastructure triggers AI to update itself through triggered model retraining
  • Our models are deeply customized to your business
Insight App

Secure visualization apps for advanced reporting

  • We use secure apps to show actionable visualizations of your data
  • For transparency, all model accuracy metrics can also be accessed in the app
  • The visualizations help you glean data insights that will help shape your strategy

Whatever the project, we customize everything to your needs and your data.

We make sure you get exactly what you need

Big Data and

Our big data infrastructure uses Spark technology and can handle extremely big datasets - there is no limit to the size. Our data pipelines use AWS and are secure and tightly controlled.

Tailored and Customized Solutions

The solutions that we build are completely tailored to your business. This ensures that the solution truly solves your problems and that accuracy of model predictions is maximized.

Easy Setup + Ongoing Support

We provide an easy and secure setup to connect to your cloud data ecosystem. The support and model maintenance continues for as long as you'd like - so you never have to worry about anything.
Our Approach

We build end-to-end, scalable AI architecture to enable AI-driven automation and personalization

We use Spark, AWS EMR, and S3 to enable easy processing of big data. This leads to resilient ETLs that can handle any data

Latest machine learning algorithms like Neural Networks, gradient boosted trees, ensure highest possible accuracy

End-to-end machine learning architecture that ensures model accuracy is monitored and data is always available

We transform your automation and bring critical information to your fingertips

Our predictive data allows you to create a personalized user experience and enhance your automation with more granularity. The predictive data will also help you become more data-driven in strategy decisions.

We build products tailored to help you reach your business goals

The infrastructure we create is scalable, secure and is built to help you reach your KPI goals. Our deep experience in customer machine learning will be leveraged to ensure that the product delivers phenomenal business value.