InteliSegment: Target customers based on their behaviour

Customize each customer's experience based on their activity patterns. In-depth segmentation techniques are used to generate user profiles that you can use to personalize email marketing strategies. Targeting customers by their activity patterns will help drive retention and revenue.

The Solution.

Segment Customers

An API is used to seamlessly sync customer segmentation data into your database. You can then use our predictive data for automation of email and customer service workflows.

Target Actionable Segments

Our data is used to create targeted, personalized marketing workflows. You can now personalize your offers to customers based on their value, activity, and behavioural patterns

Learn About Your Customer Base

Use customer segment summaries to better understand your customers. You can also track the health of your company’s user base and effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Customer Segmentation

Every user in your database will be segmented based on their activity,  value, and many other attributes

Enrich Database

We sync segmentation data to your database to enable personalization

Marketing Automation

Tailor marketing to each segment of customers. This will help retain your high value customers and build loyalty

Segmentation Model Helps You Personalize Your Marketing To Each Customer

  • A proprietary segmentation model that uses advanced clustering machine learning techniques
  • The segmentation data is synced into your database
  • The new segmentation values are used to target your marketing automation to each segment leading to better retention and customer value

Our segmentation AI algorithms are customized and use the latest AI techniques

We tailor the segmentation metrics to the KPI specifics of your business. We use hierarchical, distribution and centroid-based clustering algorithms for our segmentation. Every user in your database will be assigned to a cluster that categorizes their behavioural patterns.
Smart Model
The model is built using top technical stack like PySpark, Tensorflow, AWS.
Tailored metrics
We tailor AI metrics to be aligned with your KPIs and business goals
Big Data
Our data pipelines are built on Spark and AWS EMR. So, we can handle any data size
The product is guaranteed to be updated, relevant and live at all times.