InteliStay: Customer Retention Solution

Prevent customers from leaving and maximize customer retention. We use retention tracking and predictive modelling to identify users at highest risk of leaving. Use our data to deploy automated marketing strategies to prevent customers from leaving.

The Solution.

Which Customers Will Leave?

We use API to sync predictive customer retention data into your database. You can then target high-risk customers for retention tactics.

Target At-Risk Customers

Use any marketing automation software to enable conditional logic to send retention-focused emails to users who are at a high risk of leaving. You can also create tailored promotions aimed at retaining high value users.

Learn Retention Insights

Our data can be used to help understand retention and make strategic decisions. Keep track of the health of the company's user-base and effectiveness of your retention efforts.

Predict Retention

High accuracy models that predict customer retention

Enrich Database

Sync customer retention prediction data to you database or CRM

Marketing Automation

Use retention predictions for email marketing automation designed to retain

Retention AI That Helps You Retain Your Customers

  • A proprietary, highly contextualized, customer retention prediction model
  • The customer retention likelihood predictions are synced into your customer database
  • The retention likelihood values are used with your marketing automation tech to trigger retention and win-back emails

Our retention AI algorithms are customized, accurate and use the latest tech

One of our inputs is a churn model that is highly customized to your business goals. We maximize our classification accuracy through customization and by using using latest machine learning algorithms like XgBoost, neural networks, and more.
Smart Model
The model is built using top technical stack like PySpark, Tensorflow, AWS.
We tailor AI metrics to be aligned with your KPIs and business goals
Big Data
Our data pipelines are built on Spark and AWS EMR. So, we can handle any data size
The product is guaranteed to be updated, relevant and live at all times.