Our Offerings

We use AI to ensure that you retain your customers, grow customer loyalty and maximize revenue

Our AI-generated data will increase your customer retention and customer value. The data we generate is used to enable retention-driven  marketing automation. Our solution is compatible with any database, CRM, and marketing automation tools like Hubspot, Marketo, and others.
Grow Retention
Grow your customer retention by as much as 50%
Grow Revenue
Target your customers to capture more revenue
Target customer segments for advanced personalization
Learn Insights
Gather novel insights about your customers
The Solution

Data that works with your existing software to enable customer retention

Our data will enrich your existing database and marketing software to enable your marketing team. Use our data to target customers for retention and grow loyalty.

Database Enrichment

Our data will enrich your customer database - allowing you to personalize how you approach each customer

AI Marketing Automation

The data from our models is used to enable granular personalization and marketing automation

Learn Insights

The predictive data will help you understand your customer base and tailor marketing strategies

Highly Customized AI Infrastructure Will Grow Your Revenue

Each solution is deeply customized to your business goals and KPIs

Keep Your Customers

Powerful retention model that enables marketing automation aimed to retain customers

Target Customers

Advanced segmentation and lifetime value modelling that will target users for retention and up-sell

AI Powered Promotions

AI calculates customer promotions and deals optimized to retain high value customers

Optimize Advertising Budget

Optimize advertising budget by using predictions of campaign profitability

Use predictive AI data to automate your customer retention

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