InteliPromo: optimized promos and deals that retain customers

Our engine recommends the optimal timing and amount of discount required to retain a customer or to generate a "halo effect" sales uplift. These discounts are personalized to each customer's history, behaviour and how they respond to sale offers.

The Solution.

Promotions That Drive Revenue

An API will sync sales discount recommendations into your database. The data will enable you to send strategic discounts in order to retain customers and drive revenue

Marketing Automation

You can use any marketing and email automation software to build conditional logic that sends tailored discount amounts to customers based on our data. The discounts are generated to either retain at-risk customers or to generate a sales lift

Real Time Feedback

The engine incorporates how customers respond to your sales promotions into your next round of discount recommendations

Promotions Engine

Promo recommendations based on customer behaviour and segmentation

Enrich Database

Sync promo recommendations into your customer database.

Send Promos

Use our data to send personalized promos to the customers

Promotion Personalization Engine That Will Retain Customers And Grow Revenue

  • A promo personalization engine uses multiple models as inputs to predict which promos will retain users and lead to sales uplift
  • The predictive data is synced into your database - allowing you to send targeted promotions
  • Send sales promotions customized to retain your customers at critical moments. Also, send promos to deal-sensitive customers in order to generate halo lift in sales

Our promotions personalization engine uses multiple AI models and real-time customer feedback

Our promotions engine, on the back-end, uses a series of regression, clustering and classification AI algorithms. Also, it uses real-time customer feedback to further personalize discount amounts and frequency
Smart Model
We use top technical stack like PySpark, Tensorflow, AWS EMR, S3, etc
Tailored metrics
We tailor AI metrics to be aligned with your KPIs and business goals
Big Data
Our data pipelines are built on Spark and AWS EMR. So, we can handle any data size
The product is guaranteed to be updated, relevant and live at all times.