InteliSpend: Maximize Your Advertising ROI

We combine customer lifetime value modelling with advertising attribution data to optimize your customer acquisition budget. Focus on advertising channels that bring in the most revenue and change advertising spend in a way that optimizes ROI

The Solution.

Which Ad Campaigns Perform Best?

An API syncs predicted advertising profitability data into your database. You can use this data to identify top performing advertising campaigns.

Optimize advertising budget

Use our predicted advertising campaign profitability data to adjust and reallocate marketing budget according to how profitable marketing campaigns will be.

Advertising Insights

Use our data to learn more insights about advertising effectiveness and to adjust ad strategy to maximize ROI

Predict Profitability

High accuracy models that predict future campaign profitability.

Enrich Database

Sync campaign profitability data to your database

Pick Top Ads

Use our machine learning predictions to see the ad campaigns that will be the most profitable

Advertising Campaign Profitability AI That Identifies Top Performing Ad Campaigns

  • A proprietary profitability prediction model is created. The model is built using lifetime value modelling algorithms.
  • The predicted campaign profitability data is synced into your database easily
  • Use our data to identify top performing ad campaigns and optimize ad spend

We use advanced campaign profitability modelling to predict which ad campaigns will bring the most value

Within our campaign profitability model, we predict the future revenue generated by each user acquired from each advertising campaign. We then combine this with campaign tracking data to calculate profitability and recommended changes to ad spend. We use algorithms like XGboost, Random Forest, Neural Networks, and more.
Smart Model
The model is built using top technical stack like PySpark, Tensorflow, AWS.
Tailored metrics
We tailor AI metrics to be aligned with your KPIs and business goals
Big Data
Our data pipelines are built on Spark and AWS EMR. So, we can handle any data size
The product is guaranteed to be updated, relevant and live at all times.