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We're a dedicated team of more than 10 Canada and US-based data scientists and engineers. We develop data solutions using the most advanced big data technology.


Our data team has the experience.

Data and quant degrees from McGill University, University of Florida. Published numerous science research papers.
Years of data experience at companies like Flipp, Deutsche Bank, AWS, and more.

Meet our company co-founders.

The leadership team provides corporate steering and helps supervise work of all data scientists and engineers.


Data Science Lead
After graduating McGill
University, worked as a
marketing specialist and
data scientist for many
large tech firms. Now, he
oversees the data
strategy of InteliPlus,
client management and
investor relations.


Data Automation Lead
After his Masters degree,
he has worked in
academia and was a
contributor to deep
learning AI projects.  At
InteliPlus, Rafi oversees
work done by machine
learning engineers.


Data Architecture  
After his engineering
degree, he became an
AWS certified architect
and worked as DevOps
architect at multiple firms.
At InteliPlus, Scott oversees
DevOps strategy and
supervises DevOps

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